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Dead Center

The Labour Party defectors keep repeating the tired centrist refrain that the public is hungering for moderation. The whole history of the past generation shows otherwise.

A Season of Discontent

Three months since the gilets jaunes protesters first blockaded roads around France, the movement has created a crisis in Emmanuel Macron’s presidency — and one that’s due to last.

“I Love Chicago. I’m Gonna Fight to Stay Here.”

Jeanette Taylor is a community activist on Chicago’s South Side running for city council. In an interview, Taylor explains why she participated in a month-long hunger strike to reopen a school, how to fight inequality in the city, and her vision for a working-class Chicago.


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Green New Deal

The Green New Deal can’t just be a bill or two. It needs to be the framework for politics for the next few decades.

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“It’s Eco-Socialism or Death”

Cooperation Jackson leader Kali Akuno on the Green New Deal, the need for mass civil disobedience, and the necessity of building an internationalist movement for eco-socialism.

A Green New Deal for Housing

A Green New Deal can’t deliver economic or environmental justice without tackling the housing crisis. We should go big and build 10 million beautiful, public, no-carbon homes over the next 10 years.

“This Campaign Is Literally Making Socialists”

Ugo Okere is a 22-year-old Nigerian immigrant and democratic socialist running for Chicago City Council. In an interview, he describes his history as an activist, the smears he’s faced from the incumbent, and why democratic socialism “is about democratic control of every single facet of our life.”

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Breaking Bank

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AOC Is Making C-SPAN Fun

The internal workings of American politics are usually boring as hell. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making them compulsively watchable — and going after billionaires’ control of our political system in the process.

How We Answered the Lies

The attacks on Ilhan Omar mirror the bid to paint Jeremy Corbyn as an enemy of Jews. The Labour Party’s recent history tells US socialists how we can resist such smears — while also fighting antisemitism.