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  • Issue No. 25
  • Spring 2017

By Taking Power

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Unfinished Business

May 22

  • Daniel Finn

The Bolivarian Revolution went too far for capitalism but not far enough for socialism.

The Continental Strikes

May 23

  • Marcelo Badaró

The history of general strikes in Brazil shows why last month's — the country's largest yet — was so vital.

Exporting Deportation

May 23

  • Domenic Powell

Even before Trump, the US had begun outsourcing key elements of immigration enforcement to Mexico.

Inequality University

May 22

  • Freddie deBoer

Ivy League universities fuel social inequality at the same time public colleges are cut to the bone. They deserve to be dismantled.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

May 21

  • Alona Liasheva
  • Mikhail Khokhlovich

The Ukrainian state and far-right groups have allied to build a new nationalist consensus.

The European Choice

May 22

  • Yanis Varoufakis

Yanis Varoufakis on how to build a democratic Europe in a post-Brexit landscape.

The Lost History of Antifa

May 08

  • Loren Balhorn

72 years after the triumph over Nazism, we look back to postwar Germany, when socialists gave birth to Antifa.

Communism in Words

May 16

  • Gregor Benton

A brief history of Esperanto, the language intimately tied to the common destiny of the working class.

Back to the Streets

May 20

  • Eoghan Gilmartin
  • Brais Fernández
  • Jaime Pastor

Podemos has called a mass demonstration against the Rajoy government today as the party adopts a more combative approach.

Grime for Corbyn

May 20

  • Ronan Burtenshaw
  • Novar Flip

A wave of endorsements have brought Britain’s most vibrant music scene together with its most left-wing political leader.

The Panthers and the Patriots

May 19

  • Michael McCanne

The story of how a group of poor whites in Chicago united with the Black Panthers to fight racism and capitalism.

The Worst Person in the Room

May 19

  • Branko Marcetic

Some people have abhorrent politics but pleasant personalities. Others are terrible people with good politics. Roger Ailes was neither.