We’re Doing a Ton of Video Broadcasts This Week

From why the free market can't cope with coronavirus to the rise of Modi and Bolsonaro to how shock therapy destroyed Russia in the 1990s and what the UK Labour Party does after Corbyn, we have a bunch of videos coming out this week.

We're hosting conversations with left-wing thinkers, almost every day at 6 PM ET.

Socialist politics is built on mass rallies, strikes, and door-knocking. But since we’re all practicing physical distancing, we decided to launch a video-based political education series this month.

A few times a week Jacobin will host a left-wing thinker on our YouTube channel to explain an idea for around twenty minutes. Then we’ll take questions from our virtual audience for a brief Q&A.

Today, we have on the coronavirus pandemic and its political implications.

Tune in every day at 6 PM Eastern (except where noted). Visit Jacobin on YouTube for past episodes featuring Mike Davis, Ronan Burtenshaw, and Nicole Aschoff (and subscribe!).

This Week on Stay at Home

Mon, March 30: Karen Narefsky on why we demand public housing construction.

Tues, March 31: Leigh Phillips on why the free market can’t handle pandemics.

Wed, April 1: Vijay Prashad on the rise of Modi and Hindu nationalism in India.

Thurs, April 2: Tony Wood on how the “shock therapy” transition to capitalism devastated 1990s Russia and gave us Putin.

Fri, April 3: Sabrina Fernandes on how far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro took over Brazil and the damage his administration has caused.

Sat, April 4: Matt Karp on how it took a mass movement to end US slavery.

Sun, April 5 (12 PM EDT): Grace Blakeley on the UK Labour Party after Corbyn.

Coming Up

Future guests include Katrina Forrester, Astra Taylor, Vivek Chibber, Meagan Day, Touré Reed, and many others.