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Not a Black Friday Sale


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Children in a socialist Sunday school in Govanhill, Scotland. Govanhill People's History

It’s “Black Friday.” After spending a day eating leftovers and arguing politics with relatives, it’s time to shop till you drop and watch a CNBC Shark Tank marathon.

Guy Rundle has a great essay in Jacobin on the origins and meaning of the day. In a society where profit is valued above all, it’s no wonder the wholesome veneer of Thanksgiving is collapsing under the pressure to exploit workers and reduce life to ridiculous spectacles of consumption.

Of course, Jacobin isn’t an austerian publication. Millions in the United States and billions around the world deserve more stuff. Stuff to fill their bellies and make their lives easier. Stuff that that they themselves created in great abundance with their labor. Stuff that will one day be coupled with new standards of human value, environmental sustainability, and solidarity to bring even more joy and substance to life.

In the meantime, here we are.

The contradictions of producing a socialist publication from within a capitalist society are many. So I suppose we can be forgiven for the temptation to make our own Black Friday sale.

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