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Out Now: “Journey to the Dark Side”


Where did Donald Trump come from? And how do we escape this nightmare? You have questions, our new issue has answers.

Donald Trump’s election was a disaster for working people — but the fight back that we’ve seen is saving us from total despair.

The coalition against Trump is broad, but socialist ideas are getting more voice than they have in decades. Since November, our subscriber base has almost doubled to thirty thousand.

Still, young movements need ideas and we need to know our enemy better. With this in mind, we put together today’s new edition, “Journey to the Dark Side.” As usual, it’s a visually beautiful issue, and inside we make sure to provide historical context to help readers situate Trumpism.

We look to examples from home and abroad to draw out potential lessons about how to beat the populist right and construct an alternative that can build a majority of a very different sort.

We hope you get a chance to check out the issue. If you’re a first-time subscriber, you can follow this link to get four issues at a discounted rate. If you’re an existing subscriber, your copy is on the way!