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No Money, Mo’ Problems

We didn’t predict Trump, but we’re bound to get things right soon.

Since my last note things have not gone as expected. Hell, a couple weeks before the election we published an article called “In the Bag.”

I’ve been poking fun at Micah Uetricht for that piece ever since, but I certainly agreed at the time. The next decade seemed clear: Hillary Clinton’s centrism may not have been enough to defeat Trumpism in the long haul, but it should have at least beat Trump in November. In the meantime, the Left could challenge her and offer new alternatives to liberalism. We thought we had plenty of time to build on the momentum of the Sanders campaign and the hollowness of Clinton’s.

Instead, we got the Donald. In a way, we shouldn’t be surprised. Jacobin spent months talking about the Democrats’ bankrupt policies, how millions felt left behind, and why the Clinton establishment’s mix of socially inclusive rhetoric and neoliberal economics was a weak response to Trump’s xenophobic populism. Still, he seemed just too buffoonish and too unpopular to win.

We were wrong and things are moving fast — in sometimes surprising directions. In the weeks after Trump’s election, Jacobin gained almost ten thousand new subscribers. Just days before this issue went to press, millions marched against Trump in the largest demonstration in American history.

It was inspiring. Yet what this broad movement is for is less clear than what it is against. That’s why, now more than ever, we need socialist perspectives and leadership.

Jacobin doesn’t have all the answers by a long shot. But we can play an important role — reaching people with clear, compelling arguments that see the existing left as the core of a majority in the making, not a subculture to be preserved.

In 2017, under a Trump presidency and an uncertain political climate, we have big plans to that end:

  • A constantly improving quarterly print magazine.
  • A new website with better and more diverse online features.
  • More reading groups and events around the world.
  • A Jacobin-sponsored relaunch of Africa Is a Country, an online magazine focusing on politics and culture in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The release of Catalyst: A Journal of Theory and Strategy, a companion project edited by Robert Brenner and Vivek Chibber.
  • A handsomely produced podcast series and more video content.
  • New books, including a title on the rise and fall of the Brazilian Workers’ Party and another on the relationship between race and class.

We’re excited about what the future holds, but none of this will be possible without your help. Jacobin is not a “publishing project.” We’re a political one, with a mission that has never been clearer.

Few magazines have ever done more with less. But while we pride ourselves on our frugality, the truth is that we need help from you, our readers, to reach our goals.

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