Beltway to English Dictionary

Because sometimes words mean other words.

The Tichnor Brothers Collection / Boston Public Library

Ad hominem
Yell this repeatedly when anyone brings up your history of having advocated for the Iraq War/torture/trickle-down economics/US intervention as a means of dismissing your legitimacy as a political commentator.

Bernie Bro
Bernie Bros™ are white guys mad about Hillary Clinton getting her due (even if they’re people of color and/or women/queer, as they often are).

Focus groups now tell me I should be for gay marriage.

Find savings
Cut vital social services. See “Necessary reforms.”

Useful for now, soon to be ignored.

A McDonald’s in every country!

Puts an end to the epidemic of poor people buying convertibles and caviar with welfare checks and food stamps.

No-fly zones
A defensive strategy that happens to mean shooting down another country’s planes.

Officer-involved shooting
It’s purely coincidence that the officer is always “involved” because they shot someone.

I know you’re sick of wages that have stagnated for almost half a century and worsening inequality but if we roll up our sleeves, quit worrying about purity, and make the compromises necessary in politics, who knows, we might just achieve a twelve-dollar minimum wage.

Not voting for Hillary Clinton.

Vital national interests
The class interests of a few thousand people.

Working class
White, undoubtedly lives in Appalachia, likely male, definitely straight, has racism built into their DNA.