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BookMarx (2/24/2013)

In the Boston Review, Amy Dean writes on transportation justice, the disproportionate impacts of fee hikes, and growing alliances between low-income communities and labor.

Regicide watch: the Brits were outraged by something Hilary Mantel wrote about Kate Middleton, but Laurie Penny’s take on the scrounging royalty really lets them have it.

In response to Yale’s announcement of a partnership with the Department of Defense to conduct interrogation research on the local immigrant community, Zach Schwartz-Weinstein writes about the university’s history of collaboration with the security state.

Susie Cagle recaps last weekend’s anti-Keystone protest and takes a look at what it revealed about the state of the environmental movement.

Kate Upton explains the sequester, comes out for the revolutionary left.

You’ve read Andrew Hartman’s TFA takedown; now read Valerie Strauss on why she won’t let TFA recruits in her classroom.

In a New York Times op-ed last Sunday, Stephanie Coontz pointed out that intensifying work is bad for gender equity; this week, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg launches a “movement” telling women to work harder — no surprise if you read Sarah Leonard’s piece on Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer in our most recent issue.

Oscar voters are — surprise! — almost entirely old white men; no wonder only three of this year’s best picture nominees pass the Bechdel test.

As if capital punishment wasn’t bad enough, death row inmates are routinely subjected to torture, Rania Khalek contends.

From the MIA: Barbara Ehrenreich’s “What is Socialist Feminism?”

G.A. Cohen makes the case against capitalism.

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