Jacobin Reading Groups

Don’t study collective action alone

About the Reading Groups

Jacobin reading groups bring leftists together to engage with socialist ideas in a lively, open, and non-doctrinaire environment. You won’t have to pay dues or conduct secret rituals, but the groups are valuable intellectual and social spaces that cut across organizational boundaries.

Groups unite organizers, workers, student activists, and those new to the Left. Every group is open to people thinking about socialist politics for the first time, as well as more seasoned friends.

How often do groups meet?

Most reading groups meet monthly to discuss articles from the magazine and elsewhere.

Should I join or start a reading group?

You should definitely join or create a group if you:

You read and share articles from Jacobin and other socialist outlets online, but you’ve reached the point where you want to meet leftists in real life and talk through arguments. Reading groups are a great way to start, and our more established groups are now also going to demonstrations and picket lines together.
You already have a reading group with friends but want to reach a larger audience in your community. We’ll help you connect with other Jacobin readers nearby.
You want to be connected to an international project with reading groups all over the world.

Who do I contact to get started?

To join an existing group or let us help you get one started, send an email to outreach [at] jacobinmag.com


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