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Ben Burgis is a philosophy instructor and the author of Canceling Comedians While the World Burns: A Critique of the Contemporary Left. He is the host of the podcast Give Them An Argument.

We Need a World Without Landlords

Recent battles over eviction moratoriums and homeless encampments have shown the depressing limits of our political horizons. We need to envision a radically different system that guarantees everyone the right to decent, stable housing.

Ban Private Beaches

There are few summertime activities more essential than trips to the beach. But huge swaths of waterfront throughout the country are private property, off-limits to the public. This is a crime: all beaches should be public.

We Can’t Cancel Ourselves Into a Better World

In his new book, Ben Burgis argues that it’s a mistake for leftists to participate in moralistic “canceling” or retreat into a fringe subculture. We have to create an environment that feels welcoming to millions of people who want to change the world.