Reds Save You Green


Just until Christmas, Jacobin gift subscriptions are only $10.

It’s been a chaotic year — terrifying, but not without its glimmers of hope.

We’ve seen a surge in interest and activity across the socialist left and Jacobin is no exception. In the past year, we’ve gained tens of thousands of subscribers and toured the country, hosting discussions at our events and reading groups about what socialists want, and how we can go about achieving it.

But we know there are so many more people to reach. That’s why we want your help to bring the joy of socialist magazines across the world.

These $10 discounted subscriptions are at-cost, and are the perfect gift for

  • The family you love, but don’t $20 or $30 love.
  • Disillusioned liberals with lapsed Mother Jones subscriptions.
  • Teenagers ripe for ideological indoctrination.
  • That person who took an internet quiz and thinks they’re a libertarian now.

Just follow this link to access the subscription and select the gift subscription option — $10 for digital subscriptions, $20 for print.