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BookMarx (4/10/2013)

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  • The latest issue of n+1 features an overview of French philosopher Étienne Balibar’s work.
  • “The ability to have an abortion is as important for women as the vote.”
  • Eileen Jones, who’s in the new issue of Jacobin, on the death of Roger Ebert.
  • Writing in the New York Times, of all places, a Harvard historian explains why “the conventional distinction between slavery and capitalism fades into meaninglessness.”
  • Bureaucracy, austerity, and callousness in the modern welfare state.
  • Susan Faludi profiles the late radical feminist Shulamith Firestone.
  • “Foundations are, virtually by definition, the voice of plutocracy.” Do they have a place in a democracy?
  • Owen Jones writes in the Independent, “Thatcherism was a national catastrophe, and we remain trapped by its consequences.”
  • Meanwhile, Jason Cowley in the New Statesman on Thatcher and the Left.
  • For a sense of the disaster Thatcher wrought, read the Socialist Register‘s analyses of the crushed 1984–85 miners’ strike.
  • A classic: Antonio Gramsci’s “Americanism and Fordism
  • Barbara Fields and Ta-Nehisi Coates, in conversation.